Cut flowers for every-day occasions

Spring in February

Spring in February Photo: L. Beswick

May christening

May christening Photo: L. Beswick

May blooming

May blooming Photo: L. Beswick

Cut flowers for everyday occasions : Cream and green

Cream and green Photo: L. Beswick

Day lily delight

Day lily delight Photo: L. Beswick


Bleu–blanc–rouge Photo: L. Beswick

Cream and Orange

Cream and Orange Photo: L. Beswick

Spring in August

"Spring" in August Photo: L. Beswick

Fall gathering

Fall gathering Photo: L. Beswick

The Last of Autumn

The Last of Autumn Photo: L. Beswick

Cut flowers for every-day occasions

Flowers are ephemeral. Carnations and chrysanthemums last and last... tulips, roses, peonies, lilies, delphiniums, irises, are ever changing – opening, unravelling, translucently ‘painting’ themselves as they dry and die, spill petals. That they are not static makes them, perhaps messy, but alive. They change throughout the day, moving and lengthening with the sun. Tulips become great clown poppies. All this matters. Should matter.