Workshop 2: GARDEN SKILLS FOR AUTUMN — October 24, 2009

"…cold, rainy, wet…
but such only brought out the colours, shapes and patterns that much more."

Photos courtesy of Lorraine Beswick

Hogan P. MeiHoko seed Painted ferns, enkianthus, and deciduous azalea foliage Painted Fern, Autumn crocus Purple & gold: westgarden Montauk daisies Montauk daisies H. Albury Purple seed English walnut English-walnut, dappled willow, autumn colours St. Cecilia rose, last buds Louisiana Iris seed heads Platycodon seed "trumpets" Montbretia "Lucifer" seedheads Callicarpa Profusion October tangle Verbena bonariensis Veronicastrum Warming up in the kitchen Warming up in the kitchen Cream tea in the library Last moments of the day